Gravity Flow Shelving

More efficient and affordable for stationary shelving

Maximize your return on investment

Gravity Flow Shelving enhances fronting.
An organized, well-planned shelf can have a significant impact on purchase behavior.

Don't let your products be caught out of sight: Gravity Flow Shelving keeps your shelves full and easily accessible to consumers.
Placing your products at consumers' reach will automatically help sales.


  • For shoppers: Enhance product presentation and facilitate shopping
  • For retailers: Save time on restocking, eliminate out-of-stock and maintains product freshness
  • For brands: Reinforce planogram¬†efficiency.

Gravity Flow Shelving reduces restocking time by 33% while adding 15% more facings.

  • Fact: 90% of the time, customers will purchase a product once they've picked it off the shelf.
  • Fact: It takes a person an average of 9 seconds to make a purchasing decision when faced with a shelf full of tempting drinks.

Start increasing your sales today,
Quick turn around

Custom built to any door configuration

Easy to assemble

  • Tool-free remerchandising: Snap-on, snap-off dividers
  • Collects spillage before it hits the cooler floor; easy to remove and clean
  • Stack different product sizes (cases, gallons, bottles, dairy and others)
  • Different options to fit any door configuration
  • Better product visibility
  • Maintains freshness: first product in, first out
  • Extra robust standalone design

Other benefits

  • Front price tag molding
  • Lane dividers: better lineup of products
  • Adjustable product stop

Cost-savings solutions

It's easy to shop for parts and accessories.

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